About us

Vortex is a consulting firm with nearly 20 years of experience in business process management (BPM). Our experienced advisors offer a wide range of flexible services in standardization, optimization and process management to help you leverage your business processes to better achieve your goals.

We strive for the continuous improvement of your organizational performance, be it through one-time projects, training, the establishment of good practices, or by handling quality function deployment. Vortex works closely with customers to analyze, define and manage all types of processes.

The Vortex difference

Over the years, Vortex has developed a unique and proven approach that shortens the process improvement cycle, resulting in more rapid results and continuous management. Lean thinking is inherent in everything we do. This approach integrates all aspects of the transformation cycle, ensuring complete control over the expected benefits.

We also offer customers a technological platform. This process management platform allows businesses to centralize best practices and determine the critical path of activities required to manage them.

Our clients

Vortex has helped over 150 businesses and organizations. Our flexible approach and methodology ensure customers achieve the desired results.

Vortex is proud to include both local and international organizations among its customers.