Establish good practices

Vortex can help you implement recognized regulatory and normative frameworks.

Our approach is based on:

  1. Initially evaluating any discrepancies between current practices and the referred standard
  2. Enhancing existing practices
  3. Simplifying process documentation and the supervisory measures put in place to comply with applicable standards and regulations
  4. Properly assigning and understanding responsibilities
  5. Identifying performance indicators and objectives for key processes
  6. Maintaining and improving management practices across all processes on an continuous basis
  7. Integrating the requirements of multiple normative and regulatory frameworks

Our effective methods allow you to rapidly implement simple and robust management frameworks that are based on your processes and that comply with your adopted standards.

We offer a full range of consulting services, from support to turnkey solutions.

Compliance diagnostic

During the initial planning, we analyze your compliance before implementing any norms or overhauling existing management practices. This allows us to evaluate any discrepancies between current practices and the target requirements. It also provides a clearer picture of the scope and structure of the management framework to be put in place.


  • Diagnostic report providing an accurate portrait of the current situation
  • Preliminary architecture of the management framework to be put in place
  • Detailed implementation plan outlining the time frame, priorities and efforts required

Implementation of a management framework

Having a simple and efficient management framework in place makes it much easier to revamp existing processes or to implement a new standard for purposes of obtaining a certification.


  • Processes are mapped and implemented according to the established architecture
  • Responsibilities are defined and existing practices are streamlined
  • Required performance indicators are identified
  • Continuous improvement cycle is implemented
  • Managers are trained on the process approach

Certification preparation and support

Prior to beginning any certification-related activities, or during the re-certification evaluation process, Vortex ensures your practices are consistent with the target requirements and that your company is fully prepared for the certification.


  • Pre-audit of the entire management framework
  • Detailed report of any discrepancies and the corrective actions needed
  • Adjustment of existing management practices
  • Assistance for the certification audit
  • Achievement of the certification

Integration of normative frameworks

If your company faces multiple normative requirements, Vortex can help you simplify their concurrent management by unifying the common elements of different normative and regulatory frameworks.


  • Significant reduction in the management efforts needed to maintain normative and regulatory frameworks
  • Integration and simplification of documentation
  • Implementation of a cross-audit program
  • Identification of improvement projects
  • Greater synergy and optimization of benefits related to various normative and regulatory frameworks

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Tailored Solutions

See examples of common business concerns and the tailored solutions we offer.


Obtaining a certification within a short time frame


Complying with public calls for tenders requiring organizations to have a quality management system that complies with ISO 9000:2008, within a very short implementation and certification time frame

Vortex’s Solutions

  • Diagnosis of ISO 9000:2008 compliance
    • Architecture of essential processes
    • “Fast-track” implementation plan and optimized critical path
  • Simultaneous electronic documentation of processes
  • Automation of activities related to document management, audits, corrective actions and management reviews
  • Pre-audits and rapid implementation of corrective actions
  • Active certification assistance

Implementing multiple standards


  • Implementing or maintaining multiple national or international normative and regulatory frameworks
  • Managing the regular additions and changes to normative and regulatory framework requirements

Vortex’s Solutions

  • Diagnosis of cross-compliance between existing management practices and the requirements of all target standards and regulations
    • Identification of common elements
    • Integrated process architecture
    • Integration plan
  • Unification and modification of shared documentation, responsibilities and activities related to normative and regulatory frameworks
  • Integration and automation of activities related to document management, audits, corrective actions and management reviews
  • Harmonization of certification timetables and preparatory activities
  • Assistance during the first round of certification