Outsource the management of your normative frameworks

Let Vortex take care of your organization’s quality management and other normative and regulatory frameworks. We can handle some or all of the management activities related to maintaining or improving your existing processes.

Our structured approach allows us to immediately and efficiently assume all necessary activities for maintaining and improving management frameworks.

We also offer a full range of computer tools for simplifying key management activities, such as managing documents, planning internal audits, monitoring corrective actions and organizing management reviews.

Diagnostic of the current situation

When taking over the management system, the delegated manager begins with an analysis of your existing normative framework documentation to evaluate its efficiency.


  • Delegated manager is familiarized with the management system
  • Paths for simplifying the current system are identified

Organization of the outsourcing

The delegated manager plans activities regarding document management, internal audits, the follow up of corrective actions and management reviews. This reduces the amount of time spent on recurring but necessary tasks for maintaining certification. It also frees more time for initiating improvements. The manager also puts an IT environment in place to automate these activities.


  • Technological platform is put in place, with parameters adapted to the organization’s specific needs
  • Roles are clearly defined

Day-to-day management

Throughout the mandate the delegated manager will, in order to optimize the use of internal resources:

  • Simplify existing documentation and management practices
  • Audit and monitor corrective actions and improvement initiatives
  • Prepare management reviews and monitor indicators
  • Prepare re-certification audits


  • Certifications are maintained without any additional one-time efforts prior to the registrar’s visit
  • Shift is toward indicator-based management

Processes improvement

Throughout the mandate, the delegated manager works to increase the efficiency of the normative framework, and to reduce non-value-added tasks.


  • Improvement initiatives are continuously identified
  • Managers can make optimal use of the existing system

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Tailored Solutions

See examples of common business concerns and the tailored solutions we offer.


Maintaining and improving the normative framework


  • Minimizing the amount of effort spent on maintaining normative frameworks
  • Maintaining certification during staff reductions and reorganization

Vortex’s Solutions

  • User-friendly platform that allows you to have just one system for all normative aspects
  • Competent delegated manager who can ensure continuity during internal staff turnover