Maximize your benefits

Vortex can help you with all your business process or work reorganization optimization efforts by applying a structured approach that maximizes benefits and results in concrete gains.

Our approach is based on recognized methods that allow you to:

  1. Identify the most structural processes
  2. Select the improvement opportunities that will create the most value
  3. Implement solutions that will increase and maintain the performance of processes

Maturity Diagnostic

Which processes need to be improved, and by how much? What is the best approach for improving them? How much effort should be dedicated to this task?

Vortex helps companies identify which processes will have the greatest impact on the performance of products and services.


  • Global process architecture
  • Processes positioned in term of maturity, interface and impact on the value of services offered or on internal costs
  • Recommendations on improvement approaches and the deployment of critical processes

Productivity 25

When businesses need to overcome a shortfall in capacity, Vortex can help them effectively review and reassign the tasks of resources.


  • Quantified scenarios for streamlining the tasks of resources
  • Transition plan for implementing the identified scenarios
  • Greater work capacity for resources

Process optimization

Before developing any technological tools to increase the performance of a process or to reduce the effort required by operations, Vortex first helps companies to identify all possible paths for improving a process by focusing on Lean principles.


  • Optimization of skills and expertise
  • Identification and elimination of bottlenecks and constraints
  • Identification and elimination of non-value-added tasks
  • Improvement of process performance

Implementation of an improvement initiative portfolio

To ensure all improvement initiatives are properly managed, Vortex helps companies to identify, enhance and select improvement initiatives based on predefined criteria: strategic alignment, risks, costs and benefits.


  • Identification of initiatives with the greatest benefit potential
  • Evaluation of initiatives throughout the optimization cycle to maximize investments
  • Assurance that initiatives are and will remain aligned with the company’s strategic goals

Value stream mapping

To significantly increase their overall process performance or optimize a particular process, Vortex helps organizations to visualize and remap the value stream from start to finish. This approach allows organizations to pinpoint the source of problems and make the necessary changes.


  • Mapping of the current value stream process
    • Identification and elimination of bottlenecks and constraints
    • Identification and  elimination of non-value added tasks
  • Mapping of the target value stream process
    • Identification and implementation of solutions
    • Identification of future performance indicators

Team coaching on Lean/Six Sigma methodologies

Once improvement initiatives and projects have been identified, Vortex helps companies integrate a management philosophy based on the DMAIC approach (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control), which incorporates both statistical and Lean Manufacturing tools. This approach allows for continuous improvement and rigorous results-oriented management.


  • Efficient management of improvement teams
  • Substantial gains in profitability and quality

Dashboard – monitoring benefits

Sometimes organizations need a tool that allows them to see the bigger picture, or to more effectively monitor the benefits of an improvement approach. In such cases, Vortex helps companies to develop a dashboard.


  • Overall view of the evolution of the company and its processes
  • Objective evidence for decision making
  • Alignment of improvement initiatives and business plans
  • Increased focus on the benefits and monitoring of process performance
  • Better definition of improvement initiatives that maximize benefits

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Tailored Solutions

See examples of common business concerns and the tailored solutions we offer.


Prioritizing improvement projects


Understanding what is lacking so that improvements can be made within the organization to optimize performance

Vortex’s Solutions

  • Diagnosis of the maturity of business processes
  • Process architecture
  • Prioritization of critical and structural processes
  • Estimation of the efforts required to implement improvement initiatives for prioritized processes

Streamlining the product development cycle


Simplifying the process of developing new products and reducing the time it takes to bring them to market

Vortex’s Solutions

  • Lean approach
  • Value stream mapping
  • Identification of bottlenecks and constraints
  • Application of solutions for improving the performance of computer and work organization tools



Supporting new processes and activities in a department

Vortex’s Solutions

  • Analysis of the team’s existing capacity to integrate new processes and activities
  • Identification of improvement opportunities for increasing this capacity (Productivity 25)
  • Integration and optimization of new processes within the organization

Increasing the capacity of key resources


Increasing the capacity of key resources so that they can be more involved in product development and evolution projects

Vortex’s Solutions

  • Analysis of the value-added of tasks (Productivity 25) to identify those that can be eliminated, combined or reassigned
  • Identification of scenarios and improvement opportunities for increasing the team’s capacity
  • Creation of a transition plan for implementing the selected scenario(s)

Optimizing output


Reducing the backlog of files while adequately utilizing the skills of resources assigned to these files

Vortex’s Solutions

  • Identification and prioritization of improvement opportunities through a “macro” description of the current way of doing things
  • Use of basic Lean principles
  • Involvement of resources in order to minimize resistance when solutions are implemented