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Vortex offers a full range of training courses to meet your needs. Designed for leaders or employees, our courses and workshops present new concepts and methods for implementing them. We adapt and customize all of our courses to the specific needs of your business.

Recognized instructor

Vortex is a recognized instructor by the Fonds de développement et de reconnaissance des compétences de la main-d’œuvre, the Quebec government’s workforce skills development and recognition fund.

Process Mapping

Process Mapping and Performance – 2 days

  • Understanding the meaning of process
  • Planning and formalizing a business process
  • Implementing a management framework to control business processes
  • Integrating the concept of process maturity into performance management
  • Understanding the concept of key performance indicators and management dashboards

Are your Business Processes Successful? – 4 hours

  • Integrating the concept of process maturity into performance management
  • Understanding the concept of key performance indicators and management dashboards

Value Stream Mapping and Process Optimization Techniques – 2 days

  • Understanding and using value stream mapping
  • Identifying bottlenecks
  • Identifying low-value-added activities


Introduction to ISO 9000 Standards – 2 days

  • Detailed requirements of ISO 9001:2015
  • Identifying quality issues
  • Steps for implementing a quality management system

Business Process Mapping and Modelling – 2 hours

  • Identifying the essential elements to be included in a process
  • Understanding the process of mapping, from information gathering to validation
  • Mapping a process

Internal Quality Auditor – 2 days

  • Understanding the objectives and the rules of an audit
  • Planning and developing an audit

ITIL: Information Technology Infrastructure Library – 2 days

  • Learning the basic concepts of the ISO 20000 standard and ITIL best practices
  • Developing and documenting an effective and profitable management system
  • Acquiring tools and learning how to interpret and use documents and information in the workplace

Introduction to ISO/TS 16949 – 2 hours

  • What is a quality management system?
  • Why implement a quality management system?
  • What are the requirements of ISO/TS 16949?
  • What happens during the implementation process?

ISO/TS 16949 and Core Tools – 2 days

  • Detailed requirements of ISO/TS 16949
  • Identifying quality issues
  • Steps for implementing a quality management system
  • PPAP requirements
  • Understanding and using PDP tools

Process Improvement

Introduction to Problem Solving – 2 days

  • What tools can be used in the context of improvement?
  • Using tools in the problem-solving process

Process Improvement Tool Box – 3 days

  • Identifying the best tools for the circumstances
  • Understanding the concrete use of improvement tools: Pareto Diagram, Cause-Effect, Histogram, Brainstorming, Statistical Control, Decision Matrix, Affinity Diagram, etc.

Key Performance Indicators and Dashboard Management – 2 days

  • Establishing a dashboard based on relevant indicators
  • Focusing management on results and deliverables

SPC: Statistical Process Control – 2 days

  • Recognizing and understanding the concept of variation
  • Making control charts
  • Applying tools and techniques using examples
  • Interpreting control charts
  • Understanding the steps of implementing SPC

FMEA: Failure Mode and Effects Analysis – 1 day

  • FMEA concepts
  • Understanding the steps to follow
  • Understanding evaluation principles

MSA Measurement System Analysis – 1 day

  • Recognizing that any measurement system has its appropriate variability
  • Adopting tools for quantifying measurement errors
  • Judging a measurement system’s capacities based on objectives

Design of Experiments – 2 days

  • Introduction to various plans of experiments
  • Understanding the steps for effective experiments
  • Understanding the statistical techniques frequently used in plans of experiments
  • Understanding the techniques for analyzing and interpreting experimental results
  • Reviewing the conditions for success

Problem Solving

Six Sigma Approach – 3 days

  • Using a structured approach and Six Sigma tools for achieving significant breakthroughs
  • Recognizing and understanding the approach
  • Planning a Six Sigma project
  • Using the Six Sigma approach and tools
  • Monitoring a Six Sigma project

Six Sigma Tools – 1 day

  • Introduction to the 10 main quality tools
  • Identifying the appropriate tools, their strengths and the methodologies for using them

Human Resources

Communication and Group Leading – 1.5 days

  • Understanding various types of behaviour
  • Learning how to get information from attendees
  • Learning how to lead meetings

External Partners

Vortex also offers public training. Visit our partners’ sites for more information about these courses.

AFI - Training Centre

  • LEAN approach
  • Six Sigma method
  • Information and data analysis tools
  • Process management approach
  • Problem-solving process
  • Dashboard and performance indicators

MQQ – Mouvement québécois de la qualité

  • Implementing process management (see video)
  • Improving process performance (see video)
  • Dashboard and performance indicators (see video)

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